Offline Courses


Eligibility : 10th passed

Course Duration : April/May/June 2024-May/June 2026

Classes & Timings: 5 days weekly classes, 3-4 classes per day of 1½ hours duration.


Students in this course will be thoroughly prepared for School/Board exam, JEE (Main & Advanced) as well as other engineering entrance exams. This course is divided into two years (sessions).

Session-1 (Class XI)

  • In year-1 (class XI): The course continues till 20th January 2025. During this course, the complete syllabus of class XI will be thoroughly taught and then the students will be made free to write their class XI final exam.
  • The classes will resume from the last week of March/first week of April 2025 to continue the syllabus of class XII.

Session-2 (Class XII)

  • In year-2 (class XII): The class XII syllabus will be completed by November 2024 and class XI & XII revision will be done in December-January 2026 through Test and Discussion.
  • Grand Test Series (GTS) of entire syllabus based on JEE (Main & Advanced) pattern will be conducted in April 2025 after board exam.


  • Classes for four subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English.
  • Daily practice tests (Subjective/Objective).
  • Monthly Revision Test Series (RTS) based on JEE (Main & Advanced) pattern.
  • Monthly report to parents via e-mail or post.
  • 3 hours duration subjective tests in each subject (Mid Term) based on CBSE pattern.
  • Regular PTM’s with the Co-ordinator.
  • Laboratory practical classes for Physics, Chemistry are conducted.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions.
  • Unique methodology of subjective teaching followed by JEE-Main/Advanced teaching.
  • Regular professional counselling sessions to deal with peer pressure, time management, stress and study technique.

Course is completed mainly in 2 phases

  1. Learning phase: Regular classes towards syllabus completion (supplemented with regular tests).
  2. Examination phase: Practice of tests based on JEE-Main/Advanced pattern during Grand Test Series.


  1. Simple and descriptive books in each subject.
  2. Latest question bank prepared by our highly educated and experienced faculty.


Concept building and subjective level teaching Subjective/CBSE Level Examinations
NCERT based question and concepts 1 hour subjective test (25 marks) in each subject
JEE-Main/Advanced level teaching MCQ based on JEE-Main/Advanced level daily tests
Regular doubt classes Monthly Revision Test Series (RTS) based on JEE-Main/Advanced pattern
Question bank solving GTS (Grand Test Series) based on JEE-Main/Advanced pattern
Regular laboratory practicals


Total course amount 3,75,000/- (excluding GST)
1st installment 1,12,500/-
GST @18% 20,250/-
Total 1,32,750/-
2nd installment due date (07/10/2024) 75,000/-
GST @18% 13,500/-
Total 88,500/-
3rd installment due date (07/03/2025) 1,12,500/-
GST @18% 20,250/-
Total 1,32,750/-
4th installment due date (07/07/2025) 75,000/-
GST @18% 13,500/-
Total 88,500/-

Registration (prior to admission) can be done by paying Rs. 10,000.00 which will be adjusted in total fee at the time of admission.

Hostel, Transport facilities are also available.

SCHOLARSHIP CHART (Based on Admission-Cum-Scholarship Test (ACST)

Marks Scholarship*
80% and above 70,000.00
75%-79.99% 65,000.00
70%-74.99% 60,000.00
65%-69.99% 55,000.00
60%-64.99% 50,000.00
55%-59.99% 45,000.00
50%-54.99% 40,000.00
45%-49.99% 35,000.00
40%-44.99% 30,000.00